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Front entrance to the Children's Center

Natural Habitat

Nestled in the natural habitat of the Lowcountry, The Children’s Center at Carolina Park is a preschool unlike any other East of the Cooper.   The 19,000 square foot building eases into the landscape as if it has been there for years.  A great deal of effort was made to preserve trees on the property and nearby wetlands and incorporate elements of this natural setting in the building’s look and feel.  The sweeping entry hall of wood and metal construction is the central core of the building which houses the administrative offices. There are two classroom hallways off the main entry that are divided into a younger and older wing.  The classrooms are designed with typical Lowcountry materials and building concepts including large windows, long porches, shingle roofs and metal canopies.  Running along both sides of the corridor, each classroom has direct outdoor access and views of the lush landscaping. 


Protected Hallway at the Children's CenterSafe Keeping

At The Children’s Center, you can rest assured that your child is in the safest of environments.  All of the doors, except to the main entrance, are locked down 24 hours a day.  The outside doors are only accessible to staff with valid key cards.  The two classroom wings off the main entry hall are locked down as well and are only accessible by having the Front Desk Manager recognize you and unlock them for you.  Every class room has an emergency exit door and a phone available to call for help.  The playground and the front desk are equipped with an emergency button that has direct access to the Mount Pleasant Police Department.  The building’s alarm system is armed 24 hours a day and we have 12 cameras on the premises that run 24 hours a day as well.  The safety of your child is, and will always be, our number one priority.

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